8 Horsepower Air Force Blaster Motorcycle Dryer

Designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with up to 58,500 feet per minute of clean, filtered, warm airflow. Two switches allow you to set the airflow and temperature at 3 different levels. Use either motor (front or rear) independently or both simultaneously for maximum power. Five different nozzles allow you to position airflow where desired and eliminate water spots. Safe for all paint and chrome finishes. Weighs approximately 16 lbs.

Features Include:
• 8 Horsepower (Twin 4 HP Motors) Dryer Unit
• 12 ft. Heavy-Duty, 3 Conductor Cord
• Rugged all Steel Construction
• 10 ft. x 1.5″ Commercial Strength Flexible Hose
• Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower
• NozzleAir concentrator
• Air streamer tool
• Micro adaptor
• 5 Piece Attachment Kit

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