3M Perfect-It 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound


The 3M Perfect-It 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound provides a superior cut while leaving a fine swirl mark finish on all modern paint systems! This new easy to detail formulation will remove P1200 and finer sanding scratches while providing excellent handling characteristics with easy clean up. Works on fresh or cured paint surfaces and non-gritty formula produces a fine swirl mark finish. Should be buffed with a white 3M 100% wool compounding pad (Part# 05719). When removing scratches left from sanding grits P1500 and finer buff with a black foam polishing pad (Part# 05725). Contains 1 Quart.


* Easy To Detail and Clean Up
* Provides Superior Cut While Leaving a Fine Swirl Mark Finish
* Formulated To Remove P1200 and Finer Sanding Scratches
* Works on Fresh or Cured Paint Surfaces
* Non-Gritty Formula Produces a Fine Swirl Mark Finish
* Contains: 1 Quart
* Part Number: 06060

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