10A (12V) Charge Controller – Sunsei, By ICP Solar

The Sunsei Charge Controller CC-10000 is designed for solar panels generating up to 10A of current (12V). The Sunsei CC-10000 10 amp charge controller prevents solar panels of 10A (12V) of current or less from overcharging your battery. Ideal for small and medium size systems. Sunsei, By ICP Solar – Intelligent PWM charge control ensures batteries reach max capacity – Built-in LED indicator instantly displays charging status – Integrated screw terminal connections for quick and easy installation – Auto-reset circuit breaker for reverse polarity and surge protection CC-10000 Technical Specifications Model CC-10000 Nominal Voltage 12V Array Voltage, Max (Voc) 30V Charging Current, Continuous (Ip) 10A Operating Voltage at Battery, Min 7V Current ConsumptionQuiescent (Night) 2mA Boost Charge Voltage (2 hours) 14.5V Float Charge Voltage 13.7V Regulation Accuracy ±0.150V Voltage Drop, Array to Battery andlt; 170 mV Operating Temperature Range -40 to 50 °C (-40 to 122 °F) Dimensions 5.7 cm x 7 cm x 2.8 cm Weight 0.26 lbs / 0.12 kg

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